What I Am Learning About New Married Life

What I’m Learning About New Married Life

Lesson 1:

Teamwork takes on a new significance.

It’s like when wed, the notion of teamwork becomes a phrase thrown around more frequently. I recall my Grandad once mentioned to me, following my Nana had passed, so what made them work well together for so long, was teamwork. They did everything collectively, as a staff. And it always stuck with me. I mentioned this to Alex, we had to think more as a team, getting things done at the home, or in a workforce, for the greater good of us both. And honestly, this mindset is a real saviour. Having less of a selfish approach to each day, and considering the health, the health and the joy of another individual in life, constantly, is so vital to your functioning connection. But in union, it is almost like the concept of teamwork is a bit more solidified. The reality you are married signifies that teamwork is vital to the happiness and longevity of their union itself, also. So I’ve discovered that believing as two instead of one really does assist either side of the connection to remain centred and focused on what makes the connection better. 

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