Watch an Electric Eel Light up a Christmas Tree

Light It Up

The Tennessee Aquarium has observed a stunning nevertheless wholesome way to rejoice the holiday season: the aquarium’s electric eel, Miguel Wattson, can manage the lights on his pretty have Christmas tree.

“Whenever Miguel discharges energy, sensors in the water supply the demand to a established of speakers,” Joey Turnipseed, the aquarium’s audio visible production specialist, described in a press launch. “The speakers convert the discharge into the seem you listen to and the festively flashing lights.”

Will Illuminate for Food

The display is not just jolly, either — it is also educational. According to aquarist Kimberly Damage, the length of the tree’s illumination corresponds to Miguel’s present position.

“The immediate, dim blinking of the lights is prompted by the continual, small-voltage blips of energy he releases when he’s striving to uncover food items,” Damage mentioned in the launch. “The even bigger flashes are prompted by the higher voltage shocks he emits when he’s feeding on or enthusiastic.”

Tweeting Eel

If you can not make it out to the Tennessee Aquarium this holiday season, you can nonetheless connect with Miguel from afar, because he has his pretty have Twitter account.

And just like he controls the Christmas tree, Miguel also plays an lively position in maintaining his social media existence: sensors in his tank allow for him to send tweets by emitting shocks above a sure electrical voltage.

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