Tips for Traveling Amsterdam to a Budget

Tips for Traveling Amsterdam on a Budget

Beyond the brewed coffee stores and seedy red-light district, Amsterdam is a lively town. A biking paradise with an intriguing background, this Northern European town is a vital stop.

It was really difficult to narrow it down into the top ten items you have to do at Amsterdam and it is really one of the cities it is possible to return to time and time again. And, obviously, you’re going to want to venture through the remainder of this Netherlands too!

Whatever you do and where you go, one thing will strike you around Amsterdam: it is expensive!

Your euro simply does not stretch as far here as it might in Madrid or Rome. However, you can have a memorable adventure without breaking the bank!

Here are a couple of of my key hints for travel Amsterdam on a budget!


Visit During that the Shoulder Seasons

The golden rule of metropolitan European journey is to see through the renowned shoulder period. Avoid summertime in any way prices and reserve for spring or fall. The weather is perfect. The audiences are gone. Best of the rates are reduced.

Amsterdam along with also the Netherlands, generally, have their very own unusual stream of tourists therefore a little additional preparation is necessary.

One of the peak journey times from the Netherlands when is when the tulips are in bloom. Generally, that is early to mid-April. While the areas of unlimited tulips are magnificent, you are going to pay a premium to view them. So, in case you are not into it, then skip it.

Another large event from the Netherlands is King’s Day. Celebrating the birthday of King Willem-Alexander, that this is a massive bargain throughout the nation. On that the 27th of April annually, you will find enormous street parties. While they are a blast, they’re also costly.

Finding a Place to Stay

It’s easy to get around Amsterdam so staying in the center of the city isn’t important. In fact, you can find some nicer and more spacious places just outside of the central area.

Affordable neighborhoods like De Pijp, Plantagebuurt, or Jordaan are perfect bases for exploring the city.

Airbnbs across town can help you save money. Look to get something which is near public transportation or only rent a bicycle.

Alternatively, hostels can be a terrific way to meet other travelers, which is particularly nice if you’re traveling solo. Check from the neighborhood called Noord. It’s an up and coming place that’s full of cheap however amazing places to wreck!

rent a bike amsterdam

Use Public Transportation or Bike

Amsterdam is comparatively small and walkable. It’s simple to get around on foot and, even should you get exhausted, people transportation covers all regions of the city.

Not simply is public transport Amsterdam economical, but it’s also fast.

A trip which may cost you 20 euros in a cab will operate two. 80 euros on the tram and you are going to get there in less time. If you do really require a vehicle, elect for Uber but do not expect it to be quicker than walking.

Of class, if you would like to get around like a local, it is all about the bikes! They would be the primary mode of transportation and also a perfect way to view all of it. You will locate bicycle rental choices all over the city beginning at 7. 50 euros every day.


amsterdam tram

Get an Unlimited  Ticket for your own Trams

If you would like to cover a good deal of ground, it is possible to save yourself some serious cash with infinite public transportation tickets.

Some alternatives such as the I amsterdam City Card provides free entrance into local attractions such as museums or you’ll be able to find a simple 24 hr travel card that will get you everywhere you want to go for 8 euros.

You may save yourself a bit of cash getting a GVB Multi-day ticket or, even if you will be there for a lengthy duration, take a look at the GVB Reloadable Travel Cards. Just note it is important to utilize these inside the group zones. This signifies that traveling to and from the airport, or areas further afield, are not included.

Before you purchase, have a look at the full overview on all of the public transport card in Amsterdam in order to know which one makes the best sense for your journey.

You can purchase some of those time-based traveling cards available on trams and buses, channels, and all around town. Check the full map here.


Budget Bites

One of my fave places to eat in Amsterdam is your Foodhallen. They have live music most nights along with also the very best choice of meals you will see anywhere in town.

Luckily for you, I took the liberty of eating my way round town to help save you the problem of flavor tasting! After comprehensive research, here are the things I found are the ten best foods in all the Netherlands. Keep a watch for these since you navigate menus.

Grocery Stores and Markets

If you’re staying in an Airbnb or alternative self-catering alternative, start looking for discount grocery shops such as Lidl, Aldi, Dirk van den Broek, or VOMAR.

For the lowest priced –and also the very best! –meals at the Amsterdam, look no farther than the renowned food markets of Amsterdam. They would be an ideal spot for groceries and you will discover a couple excellent grab-and-go choices.

The largest of them is that the renowned Albery Cuypmarkt. For over 115 decades, there were 200+ sellers selling the very best meals in Amsterdam from 9 am to 5 pm, six days per week (closed on Sundays).

On Saturdays, check out the organic farmers’ market on Noordermarkt or Nieuwmarkt Market; or nab a deal in the Marqt – Farmers Market from 8 am to 9 pm, Monday via Saturday.

For an impressive selection of everything from Dutch sandwiches to Asian veggies, get into the Ten Katemarkt from Monday via Saturday, 9 am to 6 pm. )

Fast Food and Cheap Eats

Who requires McDonald’s when you have got FEBO? ) These trendy 24/7 autonomous alternatives are better than any other vending machine you have ever seen. Do because the locals do and catch a two am croquette and chips after a night from the famed FEBO.

The following morning, it is about HEMA. This department store provides an amazing breakfast bargain from 9 to 10 am. Grab a sandwich or croissant alongside a hot beverage for only two euros.

Another cheap and cheerful choice is an eetcafé. This diner-style location provides easy and tasty eats for rock bottom rates.

Keep your eyes peeled for road food such as poffertjes, stroopwafels, kroket, and raw herring (if in Rome…), which are always a deal.

Hang Out at Vondelpark

The biggest park in Amsterdam, Vondelpark, has an unbelievable ten million people each year. It is a fave among tourists and locals alike.

Pack a picnic and get off your feet for some time to appreciate one of the most gorgeous spaces in Amsterdam. And why not dinner just like a local? Hit up one of those niches before going to catch all your supplies to your best Dutch picnic.

Once you are stuffed rested and up, grab your bike and have a trip round the playground. There are advised choices or you’ll be able to go solo.

amsterdam bikes

Get a City Card

On very top of providing you a bargain on public transportation, obtaining a town card will help you save money on the top attractions.

Major museums in Amsterdam are pricey. We are speaking nearly 20 euros for areas like the Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum (although FYI you can take a look at the encircle sculpture gardens here for free).

While items such as the I amsterdam City Card are costly, they could save money if utilized properly. Look throughout the full list of attractions and offering to see whether it is going to pay off for you. You get free meals, transportation, museum entrance and more with all the purchase price of purchase.

If you will really be pounding the roads all day , you will easily wind up spending more than the purchase price of the card. Do some careful preparation and perform the mathematics.

A five-day card, by way of instance, just works out to 26 euros every day, which will be an wonderful bargain. A 24-hour card, on the other hand, is 65 euros, so that it might just pay off with great preparation.

Another cool alternative is that the Amsterdam City Pass. This one does not include things like public transportation but it provides you flexible moment. If you will be in and from Amsterdam for a week or sothis is the best method to select and choose what you would like to do without being connected to a rigorous program.

The same company does a Museum Pass, which provides free transportation to the airport and 20percent off the very best museums. There’s no time limitation with this so it is convenient to get an open itinerary.


Free Walking Tour

Free walking tours are a high choice for me personally in any town! I really like having the ability to find insider information from locals and that I find they typically better excursions than the prepaid choices.

Be conscious that hints will be the standard on free excursions!


See Different Sites by Ferry

Whether you’re on foot or biking, you can jump on the ferry to get across the IJ River. Not just will it provide you an important photo op, but it’s also a inexpensive way to get around town 24/7.


This excursion is the shortest of the 3 boat rides. This will take you to the EYE Film Institute and A’DAM Toren Observation deck. This is the prior location of this famous “I amsterdam” but that’s presently being revived and is intended to have a cellular site. The ship leaves every half an hour.


This ride will take you through the residential area of Amsterdam and contains many tiny stores on the way. The ship leaves each 10 minutes.


This one is my fave! It will take you a lot further out than the other two choices. Once you’re away from the coastline, you’ll have a dreamy vista of this industrial haven. The ship leaves each 30 moments but it’s well worth the wait when you’ve got time.

Free Theatre on Tuesdays

Tuesdays would be the ideal time to maintain Amsterdam! )

During lunchtime, head over to the Dutch National Opera & Ballet in Waterloo Square and get your hands on a free ticket. This incredible museum provides a gratis viewing session whenever they clinic from 12:30 into 13:00 from September into May.


What are the tips for travel Amsterdam to a budget? I would really like to hear from the comments below!


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