Taking Both Cats into the Vet & Update on Beau’s PU Surgery two Years Later

Taking Both Cats to the Vet & Update on Beau’s PU Surgery 2 Years Later

Hello everyone! I am trusting you all had a fantastic start to your brand new year and that you are either settled in or nearly settled into your patterns and programs.

I understand things are a small hurricane at the Pets Overload household, that explains the lack of posts, but because I have now off I thought I’d provide you a suitable fill-in on our own lives. 

As a number of you might understand (from our Twitter account), the Pets Overload family is thinking about moving nations in 2021 in order prep for that, we have been getting all our paperwork began and have been monitoring vet visits to make sure that our immigration will likely be eloquent next calendar year. 

Oddly enough, as we began planning to receive our cat their shots, Beau started showing signs of a PU Surgery complication, therefore our stars were aligning. 

As that you might already know, because Beau’s PU Surgery we moved fairly far from our favored vet, inducing us to visit vets who’ve medicated Beau… well, subpar. So, we made it a day excursion to visit our favored vet this weekend because we need all our paperwork we are going to use to journey to get done by precisely the exact same vet. 


As I am certain you’ve heard again and again, Beau is a creature of habit. While Beau’s routines vary depending on the season or whether someone is ill, Beau’s patterns remain fairly consistent for at least a month.

Beau began this new pattern this last month where he’d come from the litter box, wash himself for just a bit, jump onto his hutch and meow loudly. Now, the meow that Beau would utilize did not seem like he had been in pain, but strangely it seemed like the yowl that he makes when he needs Kalista to perform him.

At first, I believed Beau was meowing to allow me to understand the shelves that he had to jump to get to his hutch provedn’t really stable. So, I gave Beau more choices to jump such as a seat, but he would let out a few meows when he attained the very top of the hutch. Clearly some thing was incorrect, or up.

As is with things Beau, when anything appears to be going wrong we check to find out whether he’s got a urinary tract disease. Luckily that the previous few months we’ve been utilizing Pretty Litter, therefore we understand that Beau’s bladder is pH balanced, but his incision site seemed somewhat weird. So, off into the vet, we all had been!

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Beau hasn’t really liked his company, particularly due to all the negative events which happened in 2017 and because the cats do not leave the house frequently, we do not have the chance to construct more positive encounters together. My spouse and I have been discussing the ways we’d love to participate our cats in much more enjoyable business experiences, but have not had the chance yet.

Kalista, on the other hand, enjoys her bag. There’s nothing which makes her more happy than down herself to her carrier. My spouse was shocked as soon as I put down the carrier, Kalista jumped to it and began sleeping. What a fantasy kitty, eh?

Driving together with all the cats had been fairly great, but I never had a problem with Beau. It was Walker who had been chatty for car rides, but equally Kalista and Beau were silent. 


Upon coming in the vet we found our favored vet no more works in the clinic and do nearly all the group members that worked Beau’s operation. I was really a little shocked to hear that because their site still says there, but occasionally I forget sites do not always get upgraded. 

Either manner, the new vet staff appears fantastic, though somewhat less punctual. We were allowed in the examination area late and waited there for a short time. So, while we waited we thought we would allow the cats outside to observe how they’d do.

Kalista was pleased to leap from her carrier and begin exploring. She desired to find out what had been on the pc and odor all in sight. There was Kalista desired over to leap off the medical table, but when we watched her get overly excitable, we lead her back to her own carrier. The adorable thing was, she had been just as eager to leap to her carrier as she had been to leap out. Adorable, eh?

Beau, on the other hand, was not the speediest in the vet. He was nice with sitting alone in the corner by the window, which he’d do virtually every vet see. Beau would frequently shiver from the window while he felt secure there, every so often you can see his adorable self indulgent. 

The matter is, after a time, Beau got used to our old vet techs and vets, therefore he’d happily come from his carrier and cuddle together. We really started missing our previous group, though we had been incredibly lucky to own them.

Beau shivered a few occasions by the window, so I told my spouse to shoot Kalista from her carrier and that I place Beau alongside her. What would you understand? Beau was instantly nice, cuddling near his sister. Kalista began licking him when he settled down farther earning Beau feel secure. Awesome, eh?

The brand new vet that works in the practice is really magnificent. He’s knowledgable about PU Surgeries and managed to create our cats comfy enough to get completely analyzed. Neither of our cats have been fearful or hissed in the vet, that is A+ in my books, which leads me into the outcomes of the trip.

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After running an ultrasound it feels like Beau includes a great deal of debris into his bladder. Now, with some debris from the bladder isn’t unusual for a cat that has undergone a perineal urethrostomy, particularly because cats possess rough tongues that accumulate debris and dirt while they wash themselves.

While lots of the debris and dirt will come out during the practice of urination, it’s unsure how much time it will take to clean out debris. The additional stress is that Beau will, or now has a urinary tract disease, so the vet suggested a few evaluations be done.

Beau had any dermatitis on his incision site, probably because of excessive licking or scalding out of endometriosis. So, the vet recommended we provide Beau some antibiotics for psoriasis in a minimum.  

The vet is not too worried about the total amount of debris Beau’s bladder, however he needs us to ensure he is peeing frequently and dependant on the outcomes of the evaluations he might want to assess Beau’s urethra.

A huge concern for cats that have undergone a PU Surgery is that the sealing of their artificial sweeteners, also while Beau is peeing a lot, it does not imply that everything is fine. At this stage, the vet doesn’t have any feeling that this is accurate for Beau, nonetheless he explained after tracking the debris Beau’s bladder he’ll make the call. 

I asked him what the reason for the debris might be and if there is anything that I could to further help the problem and he replied that there is not much we could do. Keep a clean house, make certain Beau is not licking his incision website too far and that is about it. Cats will be cats and grime is going to be dirt, it occurs and at this time, Beau has outlived the “danger-zone” years.

Beau was shipped home with a round of antibiotics and we haven’t obtained the consequence of the urinalysis. I will inform you if they come out. 


A couple of things, I am really thankful that my cats are so ensured. It’s not just one of the cutest things ever, but it gets me certain that moving is not likely to throw a wrench in my kitty’s lifestyles.  I know that moving will be a major change for everyone, but there is nothing more powerful than my kitty’s bonding. 

As for Beau’s complications, I am still somewhat concerned about debris becoming in Beau’s bladder. I am not worried in the sense I believe we want another opinion, but I believe that it’s my obligation to be certain I attempt to decrease the prospect of him becoming debris into his urethra. 

As a lot of you understand, we utilize World’s Best Cat Litter and while I totally love it, I can not help but think about just how large the prospect of a grain becoming stuck in Beau’s urethra is. Beau will squat tightly into the clutter whilst peeing occasionally, so it’s altogether plausible. To decrease that danger, I believe I will change over to some non-clumping litter. I only need to determine if this reduces the possibilities, particularly because my cats do not appear to mind modifications in their own litter. 

I will inform you if this helps, but naturally, I will not understand for a short time. 

Oh, that a very adorable thing began happening! Like several cats, Beau isn’t fond of taking pills, so the first two tablets were rather hard to get him to carry. Since we feed Beau immediately after giving him a pill it feels like that he realized he had been becoming rewarded for taking his tablets and swallows the tablets immediately instead of out them. We’ve tried this before with Beau and never did it occur, but lo and behold you can teach a new dog new tricks… err… kitty.

Otherwise, Beau was fantastic and I trust yours happen to be too! Sending you my love and Happy New Year!

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