Animated Graph Of The Most Popular Memes, From 2011 – 2020

Animated Graph Of The Most Popular Memes, From 2011 - 2020

This is a animated deadline of the most popular memes from 2011 to 2020, as based on Know Your Meme. They come and go so fast, do not they? What’s your favorite? Honestly, half of them I did not even recognize. How is that possible? Do Don’t spend sufficient time on the bathroom staring in my phone? Because I really feel as I really do. I probably spend more time around the can in a year than people with irritable bowel syndrome invest in a lifetime. “Is it true you put a mini fridge in there?” Ahahahahhaha, my girlfriend thinks it is disgusting.

Keep opting to your video, together with all the musical accompaniment of’Know Your Meme’ by Hot Dad.

Thanks to bald, who strove to compose his whole message from memes or has been having a stroke or something, I do not know but someone should really go check on him.

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